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WRUP: Select Your Personal Journey: Who drove your automotive into the ravine version



Mar 19, 2022

It's a car.

Your mother: In case your mother drove your automotive into the ravine, the automotive then explodes as a result of she’s secretly an android despatched by the evil spy group H.A.R.M. to infiltrate your private home, however she malfunctioned out of affection for you! That’s proper, your highly effective charisma satisfied the robotic to spare you! You’re Jack Chestbeef, Agent of F.R.E.E.! Wednesdays at 9 on some station or one other in 1974 who cares any extra.

R&B performer Brandy Norwood: Huh. Her actual title is Norwood? I by no means knew that. You already know for a very long time I assumed the entire Moesha factor was, like, that entire Hannah Montana double id gig? I don’t know why. “Have you ever ever beloved any person a lot you jackknifed their automotive straight right into a ravine…”

Your cousin: Your cousin was fleeing her evil ex, your title is Sasha Fairweather, and that is the beginning of a Lifetime authentic film. Starring DICK MANHOUSE as JACK CHESTBEEF, the MANLY AGENT who’s NOT HITTING WOMEN!

Jack Chestbeef: Cool. What Are You playing?

PS: Select within the feedback too.

PPS: I like ham.

PPPS: Reginald.

Bonus query: What IP would you actually wish to see have a crossover occasion with an MMO of your alternative?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Pokemon Go will definitely see some motion as a consequence of energy gained this week. Orna will see a bit too, however occasion video games like the brand new DLC for Mario Kart eight Deluxe and Mario Occasion Superstars will occur with mates for positive, probably household as properly.

The bonus query’s a toughy. Most severe MMOs shouldn’t do crossovers in my view. I’m huge on immersion after I’m at my PC, and a bit at my console. However cellular MMOs are extra snacky in my view, and thus are higher for crossovers. POGO blended with Monster Hunter raids could be enjoyable as heck. The 2 collection already visually combine properly, and with spinoffs, sort of thematically now. However which may be some huge cash, so perhaps Orna may do one thing with Earthbound/Mom because the latter, as Nintendo has but to close down any fan initiatives (rumor has it that the creator, Shigesato Itoi, holds sufficient rights to permit this) and customarily appears to be permissible. The artwork type’s related sufficient, and the low/imprecise lore makes it really feel like perhaps just a few sprites may make an look within the game at least. Plus, Odie’s an Earthbound fan so perhaps he’d be cool with it.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, weblog): Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars Galaxies Legends for me. Bought some extra Finish of Dragons cleanup to do within the former, and within the latter… properly I had virtually 400 sale emails after I logged in, and a few of my distributors have been flat out of some fundamentals, so I clearly want an enormous restock.

None of them. Please no cheesy immersion-breaking crossovers in-game! I’d a lot quite have the game pulled into the true world. Like, I really would’ve gone to a Hardees looking for the Finish of Dragons cups if we had any round right here.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, weblog): Along with a few of my typical dips into Misplaced Ark, I’m primarily going to make my approach up the ranks in Monster Hunter Rise in preparation for the Sunbreak growth’s launch, climb ever nearer to stage cap in Star Trek On-line, and check out BeamNG.drive since somebody has launched multiplayer mod for it.

I can’t actually say that there’s a crossover that I would like within the video games I play, however I’ll admit that, for probably the most half, the goofier the higher. I did see somebody make the primary character from Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins in Final Fantasy XIV and that made me chuckle, so why not introduce that vat of effervescent cheese into Eorzea? It’s not like inter-Final Fantasy crossovers don’t have a precedent.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, weblog): Bought a game for evaluation, so between that and a little bit of FFXIV I must be set for the weekend. I anticipate to be taking a bunch of naps with my cats, frankly. It’s what they do for many of the day, why shouldn’t I?

To be fairly sincere I’m nonetheless unhappy we’ve by no means gotten the flip facet of that FFXIV crossover with Phantasy Star On-line 2. I would like extra weirdly futuristic gear! You already know, aside from the Ironworks and Scaevan stuff.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): Not a variety of RPGs for me this weekend. I lastly acquired again into Guild Wars 2 however I nonetheless want to complete the final a part of the Saga. I used to be glad to play although one other couple of missions although.

Bonus: Let’s get an Avatar: The Final Airbender crossover in one thing. I don’t know the place it could match but when it confirmed up in an MMO I’d need to test it out.

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