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Wizard101 invests in its PvP game whereas on the point of reveal a ‘magical wave of latest issues’



Mar 20, 2022

The devs at Wizard101 conjured up a brand new patch for the game this week. The first focus for this patch was tweaking numerous spells like Blade Gambits and Guardian Spirit, though the devs additionally modified how resist and harm settings work in PvP.

And talking of PvP, Lead Designer Ben Durbin penned an enormous “PvP State of the Meta” dev weblog with the hopes of bringing gamers up to the mark on how KingsIsle is shaping this a part of the game.

In the meantime, now by March 27th, Wizard101 is internet hosting the Misplaced Pages occasion: “Rewards for taking part within the Misplaced Pages occasions will scale to your degree and the extent of the creatures you might be dealing with. A degree 90 Wizard in Unicorn Method isn’t going to get excessive degree rewards, so hunt down applicable challenges to your degree.”

Lastly, budding wizards ought to mark their calendars for the top of the month to seek out out what’s coming for this MMO’s future:


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