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What’s the Greatest Final Fantasy Spin-off?



Mar 18, 2022

This week marks the discharge of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, a high-profile spin-off of the beloved RPG franchise. However is it the greatest Final Fantasy spin-off? If not, what’s? Share your decisions within the feedback.

It’s Theatrhythm. Particularly, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Name is the perfect Final Fantasy spin-off. Even when a Final Fantasy installment isn’t the perfect, there’s often one factor you possibly can depend on. That’s that the recreation’s soundtrack will likely be fairly good. Some unimaginable compositions got here out of the collection over time. The Theatrhythm collection combines a large tracklist with tight and responsive gameplay. There are even some RPG callbacks. It is vitally good.

As for why Curtain Name particularly is the perfect Final Fantasy spin-off, it’s as a result of it has the most important assortment of songs! There are even tracks from the Mana and SaGa collection there! — Jenni

final fantasy spinoff crystal chronicles

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles has remained one among my favourite entries inside the collection since its launch. I completely cherished the multiplayer facet of it, once I lastly discovered different individuals in my space to play with, and the final sense of camaraderie that recreation afforded. The narrative can be obscure sufficient to permit hypothesis to the interior workings of the world, and the way in which particular person character quests progressed over time was so fascinating. Particularly when over a number of playthroughs you possibly can really affect what characters can doubtlessly see it to the finale.

It actually might have been a fantastic HD title, that will have attracted new gamers to this distinctive expertise. It’s a disgrace that it didn’t end up that method. — Kazuma

pictlogica is a picross game

Oops, somebody let Graham discuss a Picross recreation once more!

This one does include a number of caveats, although. For one, it’s not named Picross, however Pictlogica Final Fantasy is among the few nonogram video games developed by the unique Picross dev crew at Jupiter. (And it makes use of lots of the identical framework and code.) For one more, its availability? Not nice. It solely launched in Japan, and even there it’s largely delisted. Third: I can solely vouch for the (stellar) 3DS model of the recreation. I feel stylus play is right for the style and didn’t contact the iOS and Android titles.

Okay, caveats over! Pictlogica Final Fantasy is an excellent Picross recreation. Attempt it, if you happen to’re ready! — Graham

final fantasy spinoff tactics

Might it’s something aside from Final Fantasy Ways? Perhaps it might, however not for me! Final Fantasy video games are well-known for being for being very completely different from entry to entry, however even at this time most of its spinoffs commerce to various levels on the shared historical past of the collection. However for Final Fantasy Ways, you possibly can conceal the title and ditch the chocobos and persuade any onlooker on the time that the recreation was a radically new factor. Much more so if you happen to weren’t in tune to comparatively obscure Japanese video games, like Final Fantasy Ways‘s predecessor Ways Ogre.

That is the place I’m joyful for Sq. Enix’s penchant for remaking its outdated stuff comes into play. The recreation received even higher when it was broadly re-released as Final Fantasy Ways: Conflict of the Lions. The up to date localization and presence on extra platforms introduced the glory of Ivalice far and large, and made it recognized that spin-offs might be pretty much as good (and even higher) than their mainline counterparts. — Josh

kite, this is an anime, what are you doing

If I can add non-game spin-offs into the equation, I’ll point out the Final Fantasy: Limitless anime as a result of it’s essentially the most memorable Final Fantasy spinoff to me. Nobuo Uematsu was a part of the composer crew, and he additionally made the opening music “Over the Fantasy.” The anime additionally had the appearances of recurring collection creatures, equivalent to Chocobo and Moogle.

However I’ll at all times fondly keep in mind how Kaze thawed his Demon Gun and determined which Soils had been appropriate to name a Final Fantasy summon in every episode. The summons are nonetheless a part of my high favourite anime scenes. — Kite

What do you assume is the perfect Final Fantasy spin-off? Tell us within the feedback or on Twitter! And browse our different useful roundtables for extra ideas from the Siliconera crew.

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