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Valkyrie Rush tier checklist: The very best Valkyries ranked



Mar 24, 2022

Let’s dive into a whole Valkyrie Rush tier checklist of all the most effective characters within the game. However not simply that, we’re additionally going to rank all of the Valkyries in response to their energy and rarity, so for those who’re keen to seek out out which of them are the strongest, you are in the appropriate place.

Choose a component and stick with it

There are 4 most important parts within the game, and every character (besides the Fairies) belongs to one among them. The primary motive there may be such an affinity possibility is that the characters every supply a buff to their respective aspect. For example, Moon Valkyries buff the ATK or HP of different Moon Valkyries within the crew, so it will be extra environment friendly to have a crew belonging to 1 single aspect. 

Since we talked about the weather, let’s take a second to checklist all of them and go into their attributes a little bit bit: 

  • Solar – Valkyries belonging to Solar resemble angels, and so they all have two frequent options, their wings and spearing lance.
  • Moon – Moon Valkyries are wielders of magic, and so they can typically be noticed casting highly effective, flashy spells.
  • Star – This aspect is characterised by Valkyries accountable for huge Mechas or mechanical battlesuits, and so they all have a futuristic, even post-apocalyptic type. 
  • Flower – Final however not least, now we have Flower Valkyries, who’re accompanied by little pets or fairies, wield staves, and have a somewhat petite stature. 

The very best Valkyries in Valkyrie Rush

Beneath we have ranked the most effective characters within the game based mostly on their stats, abilities and general ATK/DEF, since these are a few of the most essential facets in terms of deciding who joins your most important lineup and who does not. 

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As a basic rule of thumb, the characters sitting within the highest tier are Legendary, who’ve above common default stats and sport actually highly effective spells to justify their rank. In our Valkyrie Rush tier checklist, we posted the strongest characters on the high and the weakest in the direction of the underside. You can too discover every of their aspect and traits, so you may determine them simpler. 

And with out additional ado, let’s dive proper in, lets? 

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