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Undertaking Ghoul IXA & Ranked Matches Replace Patch Notes



Mar 20, 2022

Project Ghoul IXA & Ranked Matches Update Patch Notes Featured Image

Roblox Undertaking Ghoul has launched a brand new replace on March 19th, 2022! This launch brings a brand new occasion boss to the game that may spawn randomly all around the map. There’s now ranked matches the place you possibly can queue up into 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 battles. There’s additionally quite a lot of balancing that has been finished to numerous expertise all through the game. You will discover all the particulars from the replace within the patch notes beneath.

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Undertaking Ghoul IXA & Ranked Matches Patch Notes

  • Added FIRST EVENT boss Amon, occasion bosses can randomly spawn throughout the map so watch out!
  • Ranked Matches, the NPC is positioned subsequent to Enviornment that’s close to the development website (In between 2 entrances)
    • 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 queue modes
    • Factors reset each week
  • Added new Mission System, in contrast to quests that require you kill particular NPCs they’re targeted on extra map interplay stuff.
  • At the moment there’s solely 2 missions for Ghoul and CCGs, they’re positioned at Anteiku and CCG HQ
  • Rain Added
  • Enviornment that’s used inside CCG HQ is now used as spar zone, CCG’s pleasant hearth is disabled there!


  • T-Owl
    • Skill1: Injury elevated(25 > 27)
    • Skill2: Injury elevated(26 > 30), accelerated
    • Skill3: Injury elevated(30 > 33), lowered cooldown(15 > 12.5), icnreased hitbox dimension(30 > 37), accelerated
  • Yasuhisa
    • Skill1: Injury Elevated(40 > 42), lowered cooldown (17 > 12), accelerated
    • Skill2: Injury Elevated(32 > 35), lowered cooldown (10 > 7), accelerated
    • Skill3: Injury Elevated(6 > 7 per hit), lowered cooldown (13 > 11.5), added iframes
  • Jason13th
    • Skill1: Buffed sprint velocity
    • Skill3: Buffed sprint velocity
  • Narukami
    • Skill1: Elevated cooldown(10 > 13)
    • Skill2: Elevated cooldown(5 > 7)
    • Skill3: Elevated cooldown(8 > 10), decreased harm (28 > 26 per projectile)
  • SSS Owl
    • Skill2: Decreased harm (48 > 46)
    • Skill3: Decreased harm per projectile (11 > 9)
  • Ukaku
    • Elevated all expertise cooldowns, buffed slighty harm
    • Nerfed M1s velocity clever
  • Arata
    • Buffed arata armor scaling
    • Buffed arata HP drain
  • Kuzen
    • Skill1: Injury elevated(13 > 16)
    • Skill2: Injury elevated(23 > 26)
    • Skill3: Injury elevated(13 > 15), sprint buffed (60 -> 110)
  • Rogue CCGs
    • Their have Arata armor again


  • Made NPCs weaker
  • Elevated Arima’s raid boss stage necessities 350 > 450
  • Buffed complete EXP achieve
  • Buffed mats achieve by 25%
  • Buffed HP charges
  • Buffed Kuzen’s and Arima’s harm + well being slighty
  • When you have forcefield and also you hit somebody it’s gonna get eliminated
  • Now it’s a must to do solely 14% harm to bosses to get full rewards
  • Made so you possibly can see what boss awarded you
  • Now m1 anims go by 1-2-1-2 sample

Elevated Well being Regen

  • Half Human
  • Pure Half Human
  • One eyed
  • Pure One Eyed

Bug Fixes

  • Mounted being queued to Arima raid from ground beneath close to quest
  • Mounted Kuzen being damaged
  • Mounted Invisibility bug
  • Mounted Uta and Sasaki look
  • Doubtlessly some efficiency enhancements, servers shouldn’t lag/spike anymore

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