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Trek to Yomi Preview – Desires of a Samurai



Mar 18, 2022

When you’ve been hankering for a samurai game since Ghost of Tsushima got here out, Leonard Menchiari and Flying Wild Hog might need you lined with their upcoming game Trek to Yomi.

Trek to Yomi opens with a younger Hiroki, who’s learning to be a samurai beneath his sensei Sanjuro and his pal Aiko. As a substitute of instantly throwing you into the thick of it, the game as an alternative has you exploring Hiroki’s village and attending to know a bit about him and Aiko. You’ll meet villagers, and mainly, poke your head across the place till bandits assault and Hiroki has to graduate samurai college instantly. The plot takes a fairly typical beat of your sensei being killed, quick forwarding a few years the place Hiroki is all grown up and a correct samurai guarding the village, and a brand new group of bandits are terrorizing the countryside once more so that you go cease them. I didn’t get an excessive amount of of a have a look at the instructions the game will go in my construct’s two chapters, however you get some hints it’s most likely not going to go the standard route.

Fight in Trek to Yomi is fast and surprisingly free. The game performs on a 2D airplane and fights can finish straight away if you happen to’re not cautious. Fight’s fast, however methodical as you need to bait opponents to assault so you possibly can follow-up with a parry and counter again. Doing so nonetheless, didn’t ever actually really feel significantly good. It simply by no means felt snappy such as you’d need a parry to really feel, and it typically felt just like the animations and the parry timing didn’t fairly line up accurately. I’d typically pull off a parry and be shocked about it. Enemies tended to run up in my face at instances too, which made watching their animation for the parry significantly annoying however that’s a nitpick largely.

When the fight’s flowing, it feels actually cool. Popping counters off, getting some slices in, and ending it with a bloody fountain finisher Kurosawa can be happy with. In a while, the demo introduces armored enemies that actually put you in your toes. Sadly, when the alternative happens it’s not as enjoyable as your character can really feel a bit “floaty” at instances.

The game options an improve web page the place I unlocked new methods because the game progressed, from with the ability to throw shurikens to new combos, however from my quick time, it didn’t appear to be you’ll actively hunt for “improve factors” to amass these talents. As a substitute, it looks like the game will dole these out at applicable moments, however we’ll see when the complete game releases.

Having the ability to discover the areas you’re in is a welcomed shock I wasn’t anticipating from this form of game, and whereas it isn’t something loopy, simply slight detours to non-obligatory fights or hidden upgrades, it helps break up the linearity. At one level I took one other path down a cave system and got here throughout a pallet of boulders I used to be capable of drop on an unsuspecting group of enemies, fully eliminating that future battle. The introduction in your village, as you discover it and get to satisfy a number of the villagers, is one thing I hope to see extra of within the full game because it was enjoyable to simply chat with folks within the village.

My time in Trek to Yomi was temporary, however filled with attractive vistas and fountains of blood. Regardless of my points with its fight, I’m desperate to see how the complete game pans out when it releases later this 12 months.

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