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The very best Genshin Affect Venti construct



Mar 16, 2022

Searching for the very best Genshin Affect Venti construct? Now that rumours are circulating that this standard Genshin Affect character is perhaps getting a banner rerun within the 2.6 replace, it’s about time we took one other have a look at this Anemo bow wielder to see how we take advantage of his skills.

The finest Venti construct must keep in mind this five-star fiend’s major position – maintaining enemies suspended in mid-air whereas switching to different DPS targeted characters to unleash the ache. Venti does this by utilizing a mixture of ranged assaults and Anemo-based abilities (that’s wind to the remainder of us).

After you have Venti, he will likely be invaluable when exploring new areas as his assist abilities can amplify different components. You may simply pair him with Pyro characters to create burning tornadoes. Due to this, Venti is finest performed in a assist position, though Venti has loads of inherent DPS potential if you wish to go in that route. Right here’s what you should get to create the very best construct for Venti in Genshin Affect.

Greatest Genshin Affect Venti assist construct

  • Weapon: Elegy for the Finish
  • Artifact: Viridescent Venerer (four-piece)

The Elegy for the Finish is a superb alternative for a support-focused Venti. Not solely does it enhance Venti’s elemental mastery, however you’ll be able to set off its (slightly long-winded) capacity even when he isn’t on the sphere, in the end benefiting the entire staff by growing their elemental mastery by 100 and assault energy by 20%. One other potential choice can be Skyward Harp, though this leans extra in direction of Venti’s personal DPS capabilities.

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When it comes to artifacts, there’s one main alternative as of patch 2.5; four-piece Viridescent Venerer. With all 4 objects, you not solely get the additional Anemo injury from the two-piece, however you additionally get a 60% enhance to swirl injury, and enemies could have their elemental resistance in direction of the opposite non-Anemo aspect within the swirl decreased by 40% for ten seconds. Given Venti’s affinity for crowd-control and triggering swirl (in addition to literal tornados), this artifact set is important.

Should you actually wish to get into the weeds, you’ll additional wish to hunt down Venerer artifacts that particularly give bonuses to elemental mastery, and failing that, some mixture of assault, anemo, or crit boosting.

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The very best Venti staff composition

A great Venti staff composition locations our “tone-deaf bard” in a sub-DPS slot, solely coming onto the sphere to set off his elemental burst to arrange high-damage combos with different characters. Mona and Ganyu can be good candidates right here, offering some Hydro/Cryo freeze combos. The upcoming Genshin Affect character Ayato is one other Cryo-bow person who would possibly develop into an excellent candidate right here as properly.

You’ll additionally desire a healer within the assist slot – Diona or Barbara are respectable candidates, as is Kokomi.

genshin impact character Venti build with a bow

The very best Venti construct F2P

The finest Venti weapon for free-to-play gamers is the Favonius Warbow. You may solely get hold of the weapons talked about above by wishing within the weapon occasion banner or the usual Invocation banner. The Favonius is a four-star bow you will get from the Lengthy Shot quest – its capacity leans in direction of faster power regen, which is useful for triggering Venti’s skills extra often.

All artifacts are free as you’ll be able to’t get them through wishing, however the Viridescent Venerer is barely obtainable from the Valley of Remembrance. Should you’re struggling to get all 4 items, we’ve got seen some DPS-focused builds run two-pieces Gladiator’s Nostalgia, which supplies a flat 18% assault enhance, to pair with the Venerer’s two-piece buff to Anemo injury.

When it comes to staff composition, Barbara and Amber are two free characters that you just get actually early on that may assist a Venti staff. Barbara is among the finest healers within the game, and Amber’s an excellent ranged Pyro bow-user that may work together with Venti’s swirl and elemental burst very well. Somebody like Xiangling can then be a back-up character for you utilize in-between Venti’s burst capacity, when enemies are again on the bottom.

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That’s every little thing you should learn about the very best Venti construct. Hopefully, the rumours of his banner rerun are true. If you wish to begin accumulating primogems, ensure you try our Genshin Affect codes information.

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