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The Cycle Frontier: How Lengthy Do Storms Final



Mar 24, 2022

The Cycle Frontier has warnings that ship out to the gamers when a storm is about to happen. Storms are one thing you wish to keep away from within the game as a result of they’ll kill you. When a storm begins, gamers can’t look forward to it to finish to allow them to peacefully get pleasure from their raid/journey.

Time to learn how lengthy a storm lasts in The Cycle Frontier.

How Lengthy Do Storms Final – The Cycle Frontier

Whenever you start a raid in each maps, whether or not it Vivid Sands or Crescent Falls, someday throughout your journey, you’ll obtain a notification in your top-middle border {that a} storm will start firstly in 5 minutes, and that the evacuation ships shall be offline.

The second warning is when the storm will happen in lower than a minute.

A number of storms can occur throughout a map raid they usually final for about 5 minutes every. Throughout this time, gamers are usually not capable of evacuate the map or enter it.

It will give gamers advantages which can be on the map to outlive the storm and ensure to gather as many supplies as attainable, as a result of low variety of gamers on the map.

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