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Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin: Methods to Defeat Tiamat



Mar 20, 2022

The Chimera has all the time been an annoying boss in Final Fantasy. He’s tough to sort out resulting from his multi-attack capabilities and closely damaging Space of Impact assaults. In Stranger of Paradise, he’s no completely different and its section 2 is a pure check of your abilities. After you combat your approach by the Crystal Tower, you’ll face the Chimera.

Methods to Defeat Chimera

Whereas combating the Chimera the essential concept stays the identical, keep away from Floor Slams, keep away from Space of Impact assaults by blocking, absorbing, or simply evading usually.


Within the first section, the Chimera will assault largely in direction of the entrance. It’ll fly round, physique slam, spray poison, and even can do a 180s assault whereas damaging him from behind. Now you need to avoid the lion’s mouth and you may truly stun it very simply simply by performing some fundamental assaults by the hindquarters of the Chimera. When you keep by one of many again legs you possibly can land tons of injury at no cost. Because the Chimera has the regenerate capability so it could actually heal itself a little bit bit however outdoors of that almost all of his assaults are fairly fundamental and so they’re very straightforward to keep away from and straightforward to soak up. So, what you are able to do is when it flies round keep away from it as a result of it may be a little bit unpredictable when it’s on the bottom run for the hindquarters and simply swing away simply maintain hitting it. It’s so free.

Stranger of Paradise: FFO: How to easily defeat the Chimera Boss


The second section is a little bit bit harder as a result of it has extra issues occurring however the base premise is identical there too. When you keep in direction of the again of one of many legs you possibly can land tons of free injury with minimal effort. As this section begins, we break extra heads out of it. On this section, you will note chimera do Flame Breath, Silencing Stare, Aqua Breath, and Darkish Breath go all over the place however in the end the premise is identical you possibly can simply keep up on the hindquarters such as you had been doing within the first section. Simply maintain hitting it and you can see it very straightforward to defeat this boss.

Stranger of Paradise: FFO: How to easily defeat the Chimera Boss
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