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Star Wars: The Outdated Republic – Legacy of the Sith’s remaining boss continues to be damaged a month after launch



Mar 14, 2022

When Star Wars: The Outdated Republic’s Legacy of the Sith growth launched final month, it was a multitude. Alongside welcome modifications like the category system overhaul have been loads of game-breaking bugs, an amateurish UI replace, and a disappointing and transient collection of quests that kicked gamers in direction of an underwhelming climax. 

It was sufficient to make me take a brief break from the game. Regardless of the delays, it nonetheless felt rushed out the door, so I hoped with a little bit of time BioWare would be capable to hammer issues into higher form. That was a month in the past, so on the weekend I made a decision to leap again in and end up the quick marketing campaign. On the very least, I assumed, the game-breaking stuff would most likely be sorted. 

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