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Sq. Enix Shares Perception into FFXIV Male Viera Names



Mar 15, 2022

Again in 2019, Sq. Enix shared the feminine Viera naming conventions to assist folks get into Final Fantasy XIV’s lore. Now, that’s been up to date. The corporate provided particulars about male Rava and Veena Viera names, so folks concerned about FFXIV may study extra about its world. Primarily, Veena surnames will all the time finish in “-wesfv,” whereas Rava ones will start with “Djt-“ or “Rehw-.”

With the Rava male Viera names, the thought is to tie into FFXIV realms. “Djt-“ corresponds to heavenly in surnames, whereas “Rehw-“ is tied to worldly. The concept is to point out folks’s affinity with a world and a component. The lore additionally talked about, “…The Rava think about it vital that every one twelve totally different surnames be current among the many Wooden-warders’ ranks at any given time to make sure the forest’s security.” Some examples of names given had been “Djt-Marouc (“Star” – heavenly water)” and “Rehw-Marouc (“Spring” – worldly water).”

As for the Veena male Viera in FFXIV, names may have “guardian” as a suffix. That’s to reference their position locally of their surnames. The names may even have ice and snow-related phrases in them. Two of the precise examples Sq. Enix offered had been Monnawesfv (“Prism”) and Rawbewesfv (“Bone” – referring to hole crystals).

The announcement additionally mentioned forenames. It talked about that there isn’t actually a necessity for conventional masculine and female names. Names might be gender impartial, resulting from not understanding a Viera’s gender at beginning. In addition they word that every one Viera, no matter gender, have a behavior of fixing their names as soon as they develop up and that they’ll have forest and metropolis names.

Final Fantasy XIV is accessible for the PS4, PS5, and PC. Male Viera appeared when the Endwalker enlargement launched.

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