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Splatterpunk horror FPS Golden Gentle leaves Early Entry



Mar 14, 2022

How you can describe Golden Gentle? It is the roguelike first-person shooter James Davenport memorably summed up as “prop hunt in an infinitely sprawling workplace constructing meat maze from hell.” Extra not too long ago, in her celebration of ugly video games, Nat Clayton referred to as it “disquietingly meatcore”. 

Golden Gentle is a recreation the place you descend by means of the degrees of a fleshy assemble referred to as the Intestine, which is equal components Silent Hill workplace house and cannibal nightmare. It is a recreation that lists amongst its options: “Issues you’ll be able to eat or throw on this recreation: Bat Head, Corrupted Fetus, Fish Head, Fats Lips, Meat Apple and plenty of extra!”

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