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Shindo Life Six Path Narumaki & Frog Spirit Replace Patch Notes



Mar 20, 2022

Shindo Life Six Path Narumaki & Frog Spirit Update Patch Notes Featured Image

Roblox Shindo Life has launched a brand new replace on March 20th, 2022! This patch brings Narumaki Six Path to the game, and modifications to numerous animal spirit strikes. The replace additionally incorporates quite a lot of animation fixes, plus modifications, and enhancements to many different facets of the game. You could find all of alterations within the patch notes beneath!

Some new codes have been added within the replace, which you’ll find on our Shindo Life Codes web page!

Shindo Life Six Path Narumaki Patch Notes

Right here’s the official listing of modifications and issues that have been up to date within the game from the Trello:

  • Mastered Frog Spirit, Rabbit Spirit, Frog Spirit Awaken twin m1’s received’t stack with c spec awakens which have m1 specs / no knockbacks
  • Brief Scythe (weapon) mounted and upgraded
  • SL2 Senko Kunai and Senko Kunai teleport when hit object, additionally does lightning stun (SL2 Senko Kunai shoots out a distinct mannequin repair)
  • Pika Senko Blade upgraded to air combo system (endlag diminished)
  • Seven Heaven 2nd stage m1 precedence
  • Narumaki frog kumite based mostly fight
  • Narumaki Six Path
  • q spec = choodama rasengan barrage
  • c spec = twin fact searching for ball spirit bomb
  • third transfer: Frog Sword Slam (controllable click on)
  • 2nd spirit shuriken rush push away into fact searching for ball barrage
  • 1st Twin spirit Barrage Combo in Air Combo
  • New Toad mannequin (Narumaki SP)
  • Narumaki Sage Cloak
  • Degree 300+ to enter Shindo World
  • Non-public Server Code on the principle menu
  • Water Dragon Fist: Endlag diminished on Q Spec/M1 Precedence
  • Toad Flame Spirit: Endlag diminished on Q Spec/M1 Precedence
  • Iframe added to startup of Raion Fashion: Inferno Spirit Blade (added to GCD 12)
  • Kerada M1 Adjusted
  • Dangan 2nd modified to having the ability to use between combos
  • Minakami third transfer iframe cut back to three seconds
  • Atomic Fashion: Dismantling Bind Adjusted
  • Rengoku third adjusted
  • Renshiki/gold 2nd faraway from GCD 1
  • Bankai Akuma third transfer Vary Influence elevated
  • Firebolt broomstick added to GCD 2/Mid Combo
  • Bankai Blade Endlag eliminated, the E book Of Mild buff
  • Mastered Rabbit Spirit harm repair
  • Raion Ren/Sen/Azure 1st added to GCD 1
  • Explosion 2nd transfer buff
  • Shindai Fashion: Amethyst Lightning added to GCD 1
  • Satori Akuma Q Spec iframe adjusted
  • Bat Cursed Spirit Stage 2 Harm buff + Stun Added
  • Hurricane Fist: Make the primary two m1’s pull solely (improve vary of the m1 pull
  • Boxing Q Spec vary balanced
  • MMA Q Spec vary balanced
  • Muay Thai vary balanced
  • Raion LF Cloak Customizable Drip
  • Conquest Game Mode repair
  • Kor Yang Drop Repair
  • Shindai Rengoku Drop Repair

Listed here are some particulars on the Six Path Narumaki replace:

That’s every part that you must know concerning the Shindo Life Six Path Narumaki Replace. You could find a bunch of data on the game within the Shindo Life part of our web site.

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