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RUMOR: New Trademark May Trace at Silent Hill’s Return



Mar 15, 2022

Latest trademark renewal filings could give gentle to a revival of Silent Hill – a franchise that has been left within the fog for the previous a number of years.

As noticed on Reddit, Konami Digital Leisure renewed the logos on just a few titles that raises as eyebrow. Trademark renewals don’t imply something concrete – simply as poor Nintendo video games like Everlasting Darkness that will get a renewal once in a while however nothing comes of it – however it’s good to see the franchise being talked about within the open once more!

Silent Hill debuted on PlayStation in 1999 however the sequence isn’t any stranger to Nintendo platforms, both. In late 2009, Shattered Recollections appeared on the Wii – and most just lately was an added DLC chapter in Lifeless by Daylight.

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