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Pokemon Go Competition of Colours occasion will see the debut of Oricorio



Mar 20, 2022

The subsequent occasion for Pokemon Go would be the Competition of Colours and it kicks off subsequent week on March 15 and runs till March 20.

As a part of the Season of Alola, the occasion will see the debut of Oricorio, the Dancing Pokemon. The Oricorio you encounter might be of various kinds relying on the place they had been caught on the planet.

You’ll discover Baile Type Oricorio in Europe, the Center East, and Africa. Pom-Pom Type Oricorio will seem within the Americas, Pa’u Type Oricorio is coming to African, Asian, Pacific and the Caribbean islands, and Sensu Type Oricorio might be showing within the Asia-Pacific area.

The occasion will function a Assortment Problem which upon completion will earn you 20,000 XP, 3,000 Stardust, and an encounter with Oricorio.

Throughout the occasion, the next Pokemon might be showing extra incessantly within the wild, and it’s possible you’ll even encounter a shiny: Drowzee, Horsea, Gligar, Slugma, Taillow, Trapinch, Turtwig, Croagunk, Fletchling, and Oricorio.

In case you are fortunate, Beautifly, Dustox, and Alomomola may present up.

One star raids throughout this time will function Jigglypuff, Torchic, Treecko, Mudkip, and
Rockruff. In three star raids, you’ll be able to count on Marowak, Alolan Marowak, Chansey, Unbreon, and Druddigon. The star of the 5 star raid might be Therian Forme Tornadus and Lopunny will seem in mega raids.

Area Analysis activity encounters will embody Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Alolan Grimer, Castform, Sunny Kind Castform, Wet Kind Castform, Snowy Kind Castform, Plant Cloak Burmy, Sand Cloak Burmy, and Trash Cloak Burmy. For those who’re fortunate, you may encounter your area’s model of Oricorio.

Finishing sure Area Analysis duties throughout this time will earn you Mega Vitality for Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise.

Have enjoyable, trainers.

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