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Path of Exile provides in controller help with its newest patch



Mar 24, 2022


Isn’t something you employ to manage a video game a controller, actually? Doesn’t that make your mouse and keyboard a controller? It’s controlling the game, in any case. Whilst you sit there and give it some thought, probably whereas staring slack-jawed and muttering, “Duuuude” at nobody specifically, be careful for the newest patch from Path of Exile which has added in new controller help choices for the game for PC gamers. And sure, we’re speaking about controllers of the sort you maintain in your palms with a variety of buttons.

The patch additionally incorporates a variety of bug fixes for points that have been thought of of lesser significance, simply to make sure that even gamers who aren’t excited about utilizing a brand new controller nonetheless get some additional profit out of this newest replace. However probably the most profit will probably be to individuals who want to play on PC however nonetheless need the satisfaction of utilizing a controller. Though we’ve simply established that the whole lot is a controller. Duuuude.


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