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Outdated College RuneScape discusses potential mid-bosses and shares tough replace timelines



Mar 16, 2022

A number of devs of Outdated College RuneScape got here collectively to reply Player questions throughout a livestream earlier this month, however for those who occurred to have missed the unique broadcast, then this lately shared abstract has you fully lined – no VOD needed!

On the gulf between early and late-stage endgame: The devs are contemplating introducing some type of mid-boss encounters, although they don’t outright be aware a plan for this type of content material, and there are factors to think about akin to high-end gamers merely farming out middle-end content material for rewards to money out. Total, the entire idea seems to have perked a number of ears.

On talent cape perks: These may see some adjustment, although as soon as extra there are a number of different issues that the group has to think about, akin to ensuring a maxed-out talent cape isn’t too highly effective; the subject successfully launched a number of dialogue concerning the system.

On the subject of the PJ timer for Wilderness zones: One of many devs famous that basic points for the Wilderness should be addressed initially and that the PJ timer’s impact on the realm wants extra time to type, although this doesn’t essentially imply that PK’ing is being achieved away with wholesale. Jagex does have a devoted PvP group in place and extra tweaks are promised.

Different factors of be aware: Ballot 76 adjustments are coming quickly, seemingly at the top of the present league; there upcoming plans to regulate Runecrafting and Smithing expertise whereas ensuring to not apply too many Slayer updates; the devs affirm potential for extra quest backporting; and there was some speak concerning the size of time it takes to get sure gear gadgets. There are loads of matters lined within the transcript for those who’re an OSRS fan.


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