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One Pictures: Citadel Redskull | Massively Overpowered



Mar 20, 2022

As with all inconceivable structure in MMOs, I pause at our first image and picture what feats of magical engineering it took to carve out a cool-looking cranium head in an energetic volcano. The employee deaths should’ve been within the hundreds.

“I do know everybody’s going gaga over Guild Wars 2’s Cantha these days, however I’m nonetheless again in Season three with a pair buddies working my method by means of the story since I arrived very late to the occasion,” mentioned Katriana. “This previous week noticed us hopping round, and typically by means of, lava in Ember Bay.”

Stormwaltz had enjoyable setting this one up: “When kitting out some new ships lately in Star Trek On-line, I observed that the ship restrictions on some consoles had modified. Particularly, the Federation Cloaking Gadget, which was beforehand restricted to escorts (Defiant) and dreadnoughts (future Enterprise-D). Now these consoles might be match on something. And that’s why Captain Etrange’s shuttlecraft is now a tiny fighter fitted with the total ‘Stealth Fighter’ gear set – Defiant quad-cannons, quantum torp launcher, and a battle cloak.”

Zulika Mi-Nam visited this locale in Misplaced Ark and declared, “Now I need a treehouse!” I concur, though my private minimal requirements for a treehouse are (a) wifi, (b) a mosquito repellant subject, and (c) for it to be situated on the bottom and inside a home. Possibly I simply need a lounge.

“I completed my journey in Lord of the Rings On-line’s Gundabad,” mentioned Joey. “It was lots of enjoyable!”

I see that the ultimate boss right here was somebody affected by extreme acid reflux disease, so a number of Pepcid bombs and also you’re good to go there.

Sleepy is eat-pray-loving throughout Finish of Dragons, typically with attention-grabbing outcomes: “Don’t order the chef particular in New Kaineng. Large hats would be the least of your worries.”

Whether or not humorous or incredible, foolish or chic, let’s see your finest MMO screenshots down within the feedback beneath!

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