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Mantic Previews Firefight 2nd Version Veer-myn



Mar 24, 2022

March 23, 2022 by Polar_Bear

As Firefight 2nd version will get nearer to launch, everybody desires to understand how their armies will likely be altering. Mantic’s been going via them, providing you with some perception. This time round, it is the Veer-myn.

From the article:

Not all of the enemies of the GCPS are apparent or simple to search out. Some are altogether much more insidious. Take the Veer-myn for instance. It’s mentioned that you’re by no means various metres away from one, regardless of the place you stand within the GCPS. This isn’t strictly true. There are locations mankind has colonised that even the Veer-myn wouldn’t select to go. However there are nests of those rat-like aliens on nearly each massive starship and inside most massive colonies of sentient beings contained in the 5 Spheres. And but, most people have by no means seen a Veer-myn alive.

The Veer-myn obtain this anonymity by carving out a life in all of the locations no different species would ever select to go; amidst the sewage programs and all through {the electrical} ducts. Amongst the deserted upkeep sub-levels and the forgotten mine workings. Crawl areas between decks and purpose-dug excavations beneath foundations all present ample alternatives for a Veer-myn colony. Area to stay and area to breathe. Area to construct and area by which to breed. They steal what know-how and supplies they will from their hosts, all of the whereas rising in energy and numbers.

Learning the Veer-myn is a harmful and tough proposition as they don’t like different races, regardless of residing so near them. This has not deterred the courageous researchers employed by ETCU although. By means of their daring and imaginative actions, and because of all their consequent sacrifices, the GCPS’s understanding of the Veer-myn grows on a regular basis.


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