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Majora’s Masks Meets Sunless Sea In Haunting Narrative Game ‘A Place For The Unwilling’



Mar 21, 2022

You may have 21 days till town dies. Each choice you make up till that ultimate day could have far-reaching penalties — so what is going to you do? Attempt to save the world, or reside a lifetime of hedonism within the face of futility?

That’s the query that A Place For The Unwilling poses in its hyper-branching narrative journey, and the builders ALPixel Video games have left the reply fully as much as you. There are not any mini-maps, no quest markers, no rail-roaded story on this one, simply you, a dying metropolis, and the paralysing potential penalties of your actions.

A Place For The Unwilling attracts on numerous influences, with the key ones being the creeping dread of Majora’s Masks, the narrative depth of Failbetter’s Sunless Sea, and the figure-things-out-before-bad-things-happen-ness of Pathologic, plus a touch of Lovecraftian horror, a pinch of Over The Backyard Wall‘s unsettling pastoral dreamscapes, and a sprinkling of Dickensian eldritch nightmares.

A posh stability of flavours, to make sure — and evaluations of the Steam model from 2019 appear to be blended on whether or not or not it pulls it off utterly — however the upcoming Swap port, which launches on the Nintendo eShop on March 22nd, hopefully fixes a number of the authentic’s points. Solely time will inform!

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