Legend Bowl Update Improves Passing Gameplay Realism and Difficulty

The improvements for Legend Bowl keep coming as the latest update improves the passing game difficulty and realism. Throwing on the run and across your body has seen the biggest improvement, along with wind affecting high deep balls, CPU accuracy adjustments and more.

Check out the patch notes and video below for more details.

  • Throwing while your Quarterback is moving has been dramatically improved for more challenge when throwing with less skilled & mobile (speed >= 85) players and also when throwing across your body to the opposite side of the field.
  • CPU throw accuracy adjusts more based on game difficulty setting.
  • Balls thrown out of bounds are no longer confined to sideline marker.
  • Increased affects wind has on ball to add a bit more challenge when throwing.
  • NEW passing difficulty setting found under the (Settings > Difficulty > Passing) menu which controls if Quarterbacks get accuracy penalties when throwing on the move.

  • NEW passing sounds, skill popup, and camera shakes added for skill error, whiff, and duck throws.

  • Fixed minor issue with throw bar when full power reached where it would show

    “ACC: 0” vs “POW: 100”

  • Kicking difficulty can be changed in pause menu now.
  • Defensive lineman swat ball now based on skill level and frequency decreased for less swats as they were a bit to high. They should no longer block the ball when diving as well.
  • Fixed issue where fumbled ball always resulted in a first down when offensive team recovered ball.
  • Attempt to fix issue where defender misses tackle yet no text popup appears.

If you missed our Legend Bowl review, make sure to read it here.

It has been almost a full year since I last discussed Legend Bowl by Super Pixel Games, and while initially released under the “early access” category on Steam, the developer has been hard at work not only refining the core gameplay but implementing improvements and adding new content into the game. If you followed my early preview, then you know full well how impressed I was with the “simcade” style offering from King Javo and Super Pixel Games. The amount of detail and football acumen layered throughout and underneath the cute 8-bit pixelated little football characters was quite impressive to me. Now the title has finally had the “early access” tag removed and is a full-fledged retail release on Steam. But does a year’s worth of development work mean the game is in a better position? Let’s find out in this Legend Bowl review.

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