Jurassic World Evolution 2 Early Cretaceous Pack Coverage

After enjoying the last few weeks playing JWE2 we get our first DLC pack which further expands our rooster of Dinosaurs that we can have in our parks. This DLC pack comes with four new dinosaurs, two land, one flying and one aquatic. The two land dinosaurs are herbivores and the flyer and aquatic are carnivores. These new additions are a great asset to have on display which also brings some extra flair and life to the game.

This DLC pack contains dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period these being the Wuerhosaurus, Minmi, Kronosaurus and the Dsungaripterus. I love the designs of these dinosaurs and seeing how they interact with one another as well as the other dinosaurs in the park. The addition of flying and aquatic dinosaurs really allows Frontier to offer more in terms of DLC dinosaurs as they don’t just have to stick with land dwellers. The first pack is a strong starting point as it gives us more of the new types of dinosaurs that were introduced in JWE2, though is four dinosaurs for £5.99 a bit too much? It works out at a dinosaur costing £1.49 each, which when you put it like that isn’t too bad but what if you don’t like all the dinosaurs in the pack? Maybe you only wanted the one flyer or the herbivores you take the gamble and risk when you buy the pack.

Here is a little brief overview of each of the dinosaurs that you get in the pack:

  • Wuerhosaurus – a herbivorous stegosaurid from Xinijang in China. Like others of its family, they prefer eating fruit and ground fibre and can get along with other herbivores.
  • Minmi – a small ankylosaurid that’s from Australia. While this adorable little dinosaur lacks the thick club at the end of its tail like its cousins, they are still well protected with armour plates offering that much need protection from predators. They love ground fruit and nuts and love being with others of their own kind.
  • Dsungaripterus – Another dinosaur in this pack that was from China, it has a wingspan of around 3 meters and a unique looking head. They love eating fish and sitting upon rocks. They will happily live alongside Dimorphodons.
  • Kronosaurus – Lastly, we have this giant marine reptile. Named after the leader of the Greek Titans it was from Australia. This predator prefers living with its own kind, if you were to house them with other aquatic dinosaurs stay away from the smaller ones.

Like all the other dinosaurs they come with customisable skin colours and patterns. They are unlocked for you immediately after purchasing the pack and no in-game research is required. I am happy with this pack that Frontier has released and can’t wait to see what else will become available later down the line. It might be nice to see a pack that comes with more builds or attractions instead of them all being dinosaur-related. Like for example bring back the hot air balloon ride that they used to have in Jurassic Park Operation Genesis. Could add like little play areas like they had in the Jurassic World films where guests can go and pet the dinosaurs like a petting zoo, maybe even bringing in a Camp Cretaceous pack based on the hit TV series on Netflix or a hybrid pack based on some of the dinosaurs that are in the mobile game Jurassic World Alive. I’ve loved playing this game so much and being a huge Jurassic franchise fan would love to see more and more content as the months go on. It just hopes they can keep the content coming to keep me engaged for months to come. I would highly recommend this pack to any lover of the Jurassic franchise as well as fellow dinosaur lovers. If you are reading this coverage article and wondering whether you should pick up the core game, to begin with then feel free to read my review, where I tell you why JWE2 is the park builder that you need on your Christmas list this holiday season: https://invisioncommunity.co.uk/jurassic-world-evolution-2-review/

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