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JoJo’s Weird Journey combating game coming to PC



Mar 20, 2022

The massive hairstyles, dramatic poses, daft names, shouted catchphrases, and supernatural powers of JoJo’s Weird Journey are coming to PC in a combating game primarily based on the favored anime/manga sequence. As a result of launch this autumn, JoJo’s Weird Journey: All Star Battle R is an up to date and expanded model of a PlayStation three unique from 2013. It has over 50 characters from the anime flip up, strike a pose, throw down, and shout “Ora ora ora!” actual loud.

Publishers Bandai Namco clarify that this new model “introduces a very revamped and improved model of the battle system first launched in 2013, upping the tempo with hit stops, dashes, intricate new combos, and an all-new ‘Help Assault’ tag-team battle system.” It additionally boasts new sound from the anime’s Japanese voice actors, plus “up to date graphics to swimsuit the anime’s artwork type”. The eponymous All Star Battle mode has new battles too.

This is smart. Whereas many re-releases capitalise upon nostalgia for the unique game, many people who could be on this now possible did not even know in regards to the game when it first got here out. JoJo has discovered lots of new followers over the previous eight years, particularly now it is on Netflix.

JoJo’s Weird Journey: All Star Battle R is slated to reach on Steam this autumn. It will additionally hit PlayStation 5, Xbox Xeriex XS, Change, PS4, and Xbone. As earlier than, it is made by CyberConnect2, the Japanese studio additionally behind Asura’s Wrath—an especially anime game I would nonetheless wish to see publishers Capcom launch on PC.

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