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Inscryption’s limitless roguelike mode has arrived



Mar 16, 2022

Inscryption is one among 2021’s greatest video games, but it surely was onerous to justify placing it into any particular class. It’s a deck-building game, sure, but it surely’s additionally a puzzle game and a horror game that blends genres and themes with an effortlessness that’s fairly profound. A mini-expansion for Inscryption, Kaycee’s Mod, is now out of open beta, and prepared so that you can simply hold enjoying that satisfying card-based roguelike game part endlessly.

Successfully, Kaycee’s Mod helps you to endlessly repeat the primary phase of Inscryption, which is a collection of more and more difficult card battles towards a spooky and mysterious opponent named Leshy. You’ll must handle your deck by making sacrifices, recruiting new models, and choosing paths to observe on a map by a darkened forest.

Kaycee’s Mod does greater than merely make Inscryption’s card-battler part limitless, nevertheless. As we famous when it started its open beta, there are new choices for growing the problem of every run, plus new playing cards and objects to make use of in battle, a brand new closing encounter, and new bits of lore to uncover.

There’s lots extra that’s been added over the course of the beta, like new map occasions and even new objects to analyze within the cabin.

To entry the mode, press Shift+Ok+M whenever you’re on the beginning display, and it’ll unlock.

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