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Humble’s Boomer Shooter bundle incorporates some throwback FPS classics



Mar 21, 2022

I am unsure how I really feel in regards to the time period “boomer shooter”. On condition that it refers to new first-person shooters which evoke video games from the ’90s, should not they be millenial shooters? Recent from killing napkins and mayonnaise, right here come millenials to kill Shub-Niggurath.

That is clearly me preventing a dropping semantic battle, however in any case, Humble’s Boomer Shooters Bundle has loads of nice video games, together with Nightfall, Amid Evil, Ion Fury, HROT, and extra for £9.05/$12.

The opposite video games on the record are Dread Templar, Hedon Bloodlite, Mission Warlock, Hellbound – plus low cost vouchers for Ultrakill and Prodeus.

It is the primary two I discussed above that we like finest: Nightfall and Amid Evil. The latter of the dup is on our finest shooters record:

Amid Evil’s a throwback FPS that is finest described as a DOOM-like, however make it fantasy. So as a substitute of pistols and shotguns, you have obtained staffs that belch blue blobs and swords that sling arcs of mana. It is also fairly artful with among the typical FPS suspects that hinder fluidity these days. There isn’t any fall injury and you’ll breathe underwater with no fear. The main target is completely on smashing skeletons along with your spells, and I like that.

Whereas John was wowed in his Nightfall assessment again in 2018:

DUSK reasonably undersells itself when it declares it is “straight outta the ’90s”. Whereas completely going for that Doom/Hexen vibe, with outstandingly quick motion, attractive chunky pixel enemies, and large meaty weapons that pack a punch, it additionally has a very fairly unbelievable quantity of fine sense the place to not be devoted to these mid-90s gibby occasions. If something, DUSK feels just like the FPS that id, 3D Realms and Raven would have made in the event that they’d solely had the tech.

That is sturdy stuff for individuals who love shotguns, operating quick, and gibbing monsters – which I do. You possibly can pay what you need for it from Humble, however smaller quantities will internet you fewer video games. Like in a store.

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