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How To Unlock Warrior In Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins



Mar 15, 2022

Warrior is among the many Jobs in Unusual of Paradise. This information on How To Unlock Warrior In Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins explains the method of unlocking the Warrior job so you may make the most of new and highly effective defensive talents, akin to the chance to heal your self in fight.

Unlocking new jobs in Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins can appear a little bit complicated at first. A Warrior is an ideal instance to start out with. In case you have a look at the Swordsman Job tree and scroll to the very backside, you will note the Warrior icon, it’s a helmet with two horns. It is advisable progress by the Swordsman Job till you may have sufficient factors to unlock New Job: Warrior. Nonetheless, that’s not sufficient.

How To Unlock Warrior In Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins

When highlighting the New Job: Warrior unlock, you’ll discover that there are two necessities. One is the icon for Swordsman, the opposite is a unique icon. A sword with a slashing fashion icon. This icon represents the Ronin Job, the precursor to the Samurai Job. So with a purpose to unlock the Warrior Job, you additionally have to unlock the New Job: Warrior unlock from the Ronin tree.You possibly can unlock the Ronin job by going to the story mission “The Journey Begins” in Pravoka Seagrot. This isn’t very quick into the game. As soon as you’re on that mission comply with the story till you attain the big pirate ship space. There’s a save level close by, you may’t miss it. Close to the save level is a chest that incorporates a weapon known as Genbu.

This can be a Ronin weapon. Equip the Ronin weapon after which both use Anima Shards to degree it up or battle as regular. You have to eight job factors to unlock the Warrior Job. As soon as it has been unlocked in each Ronin and Swordsman, you unlock the Warrior Job.

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