Scarlet/Violet Has Poison-Steel Engine Pokemon You Might Have Missed

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet received a new trailer yesterday which showcased the Paldea region, but there is one thing most viewers missed.

After taking a new direction with Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the Pokemon franchise seems to be expanding extensively on the open-world formula. Unlike its predecessor, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will be featuring a completely unrestricted open world, which will give players the freedom to take on the various gym leaders in any order they feel like. Apart from that, there is an all-new terastallize mechanic as well, which will allow certain Pokemon to transform into different types.


One of the most notable aspects of the trailer was the various new Pokemon, which included the likes of Fidough, Paldean, Wooper, and Cetitan. However, there is one Pokemon that most viewers missed, and that has been spotted by popular Pokemon leaker Riddler Khu. Riddler Khu is famous for dropping leaks in a riddle form, but this time around they have spotted something which was right in front of our eyes.

The new Pokemon that most players might have missed is actually the engine of a car. As weird as it might sound, the much-awaited Poison-Steel type is an engine. Fans were quick to notice the car that appeared in the trailer for a couple of seconds, considering that it was quite abrupt. While many passed it as a mere car, some started to speculate that it is a rumored engine Pokemon.

Riddler Khu confirmed all the speculations earlier today, by stating that it is indeed the Poison-Steel type Pokemon that many have been waiting for. The fact that nobody is driving the car further confirms the fact that the car is indeed being driven by a Pokemon. As of now, we are not aware of the name of the Pokemon, but that detail should surface pretty soon as well.

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