Expedition Agartha Early Access Launch Date Announced

Indie game publisher Wandering Wizard announced today the early access launch date for the “medieval hardcore looter survival game,” Expedition Agartha.

Developed by independent studio Matrioshka Games, Expedition Agartha will be available in early access on Thursday, August 18, via Steam. According to a press release from Wandering Wizard, players can expect to enter raids where they’ll fight enemies, loot resources, and complete quests.

Also in the release were details about Expedition Agartha’s setting. Taking place on a lost island during medieval times, players will engage in skill-based “visceral combat” using equipment related to the era. It promises a competitive experience where death costs players all their gear. There’s also a more casual playstyle that offers lower rewards. Players can roam the island independently or with up to three friends.

You can add Expeditions Agartha to your Steam Wishlist now.

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