Duumhaven RPG Adventure Up On Kickstarter

August 04, 2022 by Polar_Bear

Laidback Dungeon Master is back with the 11th installment of their Shotglass Rounds, their series of pre-made RPG adventures. This time, it’s Duumhaven. The adventure is made to work with D&D and OSR, depending on what your group plays. Head on through and check it out.

From the campaign:

DUUMHAVEN (pronounced ‘Doom-Haven’) is the eleventh adventure in the SHOTGLASS ROUNDS series! This adventure is compatible with both 5e, Old School Essentials (OSE) and OSR retro-clones based on Basic/Expert. It is the first SHOTGLASS ROUNDS adventure to include full OSE monster stats!

This quickstarter is only running for 15 days, so get in fast before it’s over!

What’s in Duumhaven?

DUUMHAVEN is a 58-page PDF that includes Duumhaven Valley and Village, a fully detailed wilderness and town setting, complete with NPCs, new monsters and side-missions, plus an adventure for 1st-Level Characters – ALWAYS ON MY MINED – which can be played as a One-Shot or as the first adventure in the upcoming DUNGEON DUUMHAVEN series.

The campaign’s up and over its funding goal with 13 days left to go.


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