Claim the fun and challenging Frick, Inc. from Kenney FREE for 24 hours

Frick, Inc. is an amusing game with a name that’s slightly silly because it’s fricking frustrating too. The developer, Kenney, has made it free to grab on for 24 hours.

In the game you control a little vehicle and have to move it around a small course. However, the controls are what make it interesting. Instead of using traditional mouse, keyboard or gamepad — you have to flick buttons and switches on the screen to direct the vehicle around. It can be surprisingly challenging and a good bit of fun. Each vehicle has a different controls setup too, meaning you need to keep learning. It’s a little gem.

Game Features:

  • Easy to learn, hard to master  You’ll be switching between trucks (and control methods) in 40 levels to perform various tasks.
  • Extra challenge in each level – Each of the levels contains an extra challenge, only for those daring enough to go the extra mile.
  • Includes game assets – Ready to get into game development? Use the included 3D models to create your own game inspired by Frick, Inc.

Get it free on for 24 hours.

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