Project S teases an open world multiplayer puzzle game

Behavious Interactive of Dead by Daylight fame has announced a partnership with Lunarch Studios and revealed Project S, an open-world puzzle game set for release in 2023.


Though it’s a working title, Project S already has a distinctive identity. The game takes place in an open world filled with floating islands, ancient architecture and vast vistas to take in. Within this space, you’ll have quests to complete, secrets to find and more as you peel back the origins and the fate of this universe.

So far so straight-forward, and the puzzle element might draw comparisons to games like The Witness, which fill an environment with puzzles to overcome. Where Project S will be different is that it can be played solo, in co-op, and there will also be larger multiplayer game modes.

How all of this will piece together will be interesting to see, with Lunarch describing it almost like an RPG where your questing sees you taking on puzzles instead of engaging in monster battling.


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