Destroy Large Sea Buoys With Motorboat Missiles Location

Fortnite introduces the new task “No Sweat Product Recal” and asks players to use motorboat missiles to destroy large sea buoys. You have to smash three buoys to finish this quest. If you don’t know the location of this task yet, then keep reading our article to find it quickly and easily.

This guide will show you the location of the “Destroy Large Sea Buoys With Motorboat Missiles” task in Fortnite.

Fortnite: Destroy Large Sea Buoys With Motorboat Missiles Location

In order to get started, Come over to the No Sweat Summer location over by the giant statue on the east side of the map.

All you need to do from here is to grab yourself a motorboat.

They spawn all over the place in this area, and you just have to find one wherever you can.

Once you found a motorboat, next is to look out for the red buoys in the water, and destroy them with the missile.

You need to shoot two missiles to be able to destroy it, and after you destroy three of them, the challenge will be completed.

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