Sea of Thieves Season 7 Update Release Date & Start Time

The next major content update for Sea of Thieves, also known as the Season 7 update, comes to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in just a matter of days.

Sea of Thieves’ developers were forced to make the tough decision to delay the beginning of Season 7, as it was originally intended to launch late last month. The delay was reportedly due to the upcoming Season being one of the game’s biggest ever updates with “a lot of work to be done in the background”. The developers said via a blog post that “there was a real risk of not delivering to the quality and polish [they] expect”.


But, the delay is almost over and Sea of Thieves Season 7 is finally ready to set sail later this week. The new content update will allow Sea of Thieves players to name their ship and emblazon it on the crest for all to see, whilst also being able to customise the ship’s interior and earn a whole host of new progression rewards too. So, if you’re eager to jump into Season 7, here’s the official release date and start time.

When Does Sea of Thieves Season 7 Release?

Sea of Thieves Season 7 will release on Thursday, August 4th, 2022 at 2AM PT / 5AM ET / 9AM UTC / 10AM BST.

Unfortunately, the Sea of Thieves servers will need to be brought offline for maintenance prior to the release of the new content update. At the time mentioned above, players will be unable to log into Sea of Thieves, with servers being offline for roughly an hour, but this may be extended by the developers if necessary.

Following the server maintenance, players will then be prompted to download a new patch on all supported platforms. To get your hands on the new content included in Season 7, you will need to download and install the latest update before you can jump back in and play. The size of the patch has yet to be confirmed by the developers but will vary in size depending on your platform.

For more details on the launch of Sea of Thieves Season 7, make sure to check out the game’s official website.

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