Go with the flow with After Wave: Downfall

after wave downfall

With cool heroes and even cooler battleships, After Wave: Downfall comes to PC and console, giving gamers the chance to really go with the flow. 

Available to purchase and download today via the 7 Raven Studios publishing and development team (they previously behind the likes of The Skylia Prophecy), After Wave: Downfall hits Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S today, followed by a release on Nintendo Switch come Aug 4th and then finally PS4 and PS5 on Aug 5th. 

However you are playing, After Wave: Downfall promises to be an exciting arcade shooter, one full of colour and intensity as you go up against waves and waves of monsters, sitting pretty inside your uber-cool battleship. 

You see, Deathrix have invaded the world, releasing a meteorite onto the lands. This in turn caused a huge flood, engulfing things in a matter of minutes. It’s here where you come in and playing the part of a global hero, you’ll get to try and push back the Deathrix and save civilisation. 

We’re guessing it’s something like that anyways as until we get hands-on for full review, it’s tricky to really get a grip of what After Wave: Downfall is capable of providing. We know it’s going to be a super colourful affair, one with ten stages to complete, six battleships to ride and some fun abilities and upgrades to work, but from there, we know as much as you. 

Dropping in a local cooperative mode will certainly help the interest, with the following key features complementing…

  • 3D cartoon-style graphics with stunning effects.
  • Join your friends in local co-op mode.
  • Multiple levels of difficulty.
  • Ten challenging stages.
  • Cool and exciting upgrades.
  • Six battleships featuring unique abilities.
  • Extra mode allows playing in multiple ways.
  • Exciting achievements to unlock.

The Xbox Store will give access to After Wave: Downfall on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for £12.49. Keep an eye out for it popping up onto PlayStation and Nintendo Switch in the coming days. 

Game Description:

After Wave: Downfall is an arcade shooter where the player battles against monsters, completes various missions with a cool battleship.  Deathrix invaded the world and released a mysterious meteorite causing a great flood. Players can upgrade their ships for better performance to fight the most brutal enemies.  A Local Co-op mode allows the player to team up and adventure with others. 

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