Awaken Chaos Era tier list of best characters and a reroll guide

Updated on: August 2, 2022 – added Rick, Agustin

If your goal is to find out who the best characters are in the game, then our Awaken Chaos Era tier list will most certainly come in handy. We’ve ranked every single hero in the game released to this day by taking into account its strength and usability, so if you’re just starting out, then make sure to reroll as well in order to have the best start possible. 

Since not all the heroes in the game are extremely strong, you need to be pretty careful where you invest your resources. The Awaken Chaos Era tier list we created will help you pick based on the rarity of the heroes, so if you got a certain character from the gacha, we’ll help you figure out whether it’s good or not, no matter its rarity.

The best heroes in Awaken Chaos Era

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that some heroes easily land in the S tier, while others – while they might appear good – only rank below that. If we take Brand, for instance, he’s a Legendary hero who is extremely viable for any of the game’s content, no matter if it’s PvE, PvP, or dungeons. Other characters, like Gangelo are also top tier, but that’s because he’s one of the best at dealing with bosses or dungeons (despite his Arena and PvE clearing not being the best). 

We took all these into account when ranking the heroes, so we recommend that you use and enhance the heroes sitting in the S tier and A tier before you move on to the options in the lower tiers. 

Since our Awaken Chaos Era tier list is going to cover all the characters, make sure to use the quick links below to check out the specific tier you’re interested in. Also, don’t forget about the reroll guide in case you’re just starting out.

Reroll Guide

Note: We didn’t rank the Rare and Common heroes, because you will most likely only use them for the very few initial stages – after your first few pulls you will never use a Rare or Common hero again, so naturally they’ll end up somewhere in D tier.

Original article by Cristina Mesesan, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.

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