Castle Beckons Gate Keys Locations

There are numerous quests available in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Like its predecessors, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will keep you engrossed for hours with both main plot quests and side quests. There are other missions in the game that call for object searching, such as the Castle Beckons quest where you need to locate three keys to unlock the gates.

You won’t have to worry about looking for those keys or walking about aimlessly since we’ll show you where they are in this guide.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Castle Beckons Gate Keys Locations

Chapter 5 Objectives

Finding the Castle Beckons gate keys at the correct location is one of the Chapter 5 tasks that must be completed in order to finish Chapter 5 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The objective of chapter 5 are as follows:

  •  Reach the Great Sword by traveling to the Cadencia region. Obtain the Great Sword’s base. Bring Shania along. After speaking with the security guard, take a nap and go to the combat area.
  • Complete the Castle Access Standard Quest. To start Vandham’s Heir, Monica’s Hero Quest, listen in on a nearby conversation to learn more about Guernica Vandham. Then, discuss it during a rest stop. Visit the Lost Numbers Dorm again. Visit Sentridge Harbor.
  • Complete The Castle Beckons, a Standard Quest. Rest at the Inlet Camp and get ready to sneak into the jail. Enter the Li Garte Prison Camp undercover. Look for Gondor. Go back to Cell Number 1 and take a nap. Step inside the Central Cell and finish the First Day of Prison Standard Quest. Go back to Cell No. 1 and take a nap and then re-enter the Central Cell.
  • Finish the Second Day of Prison Standard Quest. After visiting the Central Cell, return to Cell No. 1 to recuperate. Complete the Standard Quest, Third Day of Prison, by going to the Central Cell. Put an end to the Agnian guards. 
  • Ghondor and you will meet at Watchtower No. 1. Kill more Agnian security guards. Make it to the west gate. Be ready for a number of boss encounters. Look for a way to get out of the castle. Till a cutscene begins, just keep interacting with the gate.

Castle Beckons Gate Keys Locations

By demonstrating where to obtain the three gate keys needed to gather information about the prison camp, the Thurbin Island Gate Keys Locations in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 assist you in completing the Castle Beckons Quest.

1. 00:00 – South Gate Key Location

The South Gate Key is the first one you’ll discover, and it’s right there at the gate. Pick it up so you can unlock the gate and proceed.

2. 00:12 – North Gate Key Location

The North Gate key is the next key, and it is kept in a tent with a soldier watching over it.

You can either dash in and grab the key before the fight even starts, or you can beat the person into submission and take the key. We advise choice 2 if you’re pressed for time.

3. 00:30 – Front Gate Key Location

The Front Gate key, the third and final key, opens the front gate. This key is protected by soldiers and a huge mech. You can climb up a tower to access the key.

You have two choices: rush in and engage the adversaries, or just climb up and get the key before a battle begins. Again, option 2 is the preferred choice because it prevents altercations.

The majority of the fights in this section can pretty much be avoided, but doing so will cost you XP which will level up your party. You now possess all the keys.

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