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Future 2 lastly lets me wield a boss weapon in The Witch Queen



Mar 24, 2022

With its newest raid, Vow of the Disciple, Future 2: The Witch Queen lastly does one thing that different loot video games have been doing for many years: it truly lets me loot the boss’ weapon.

Rhulk, Disciple of The Witness and ultimate boss of The Witch Queen’s raid, is beloved for lots of causes (notably, he steps on folks, which has spawned a number of debaucherous memes). Nevertheless, I really like Rhulk for the enormous glowing glaive that he carries into battle. As a result of when he dies, he leaves the glaive behind for some fortunate gamers.

I used to be a type of fortunate gamers throughout Vow of the Disciple’s opening weekend, when it was nonetheless extraordinarily tough to finish attributable to Bungie’s Contest Mode modifier. And for the primary time in my near-decade taking part in Future, I made a decision to make a scene. I popped on my new raid gear, displaying Rhulk’s large weapon on my again as I simply stood within the sq. and flexed. I scrolled via my telephone to cross the time, and at any time when I’d look again at my monitor, a brand new Guardian was standing close by, gawking on the unfamiliar merchandise hanging off of my again. It’s probably the most shameless I’ve ever been a couple of Future accomplishment, and it made me really feel nice — I used to be certainly one of only some hundred gamers who might cosplay as the brand new raid boss.

Rhulk’s weapon, Lubrae’s Ruin

Rhulk’s distinctive glaive, Lubrae’s Damage, has a vivid orange glow to it
Picture: Bungie through Polygon

Future has an extended historical past of Guardians turning bosses into weapons. In The Taken King’s King’s Fall raid, gamers used numerous items of the boss to create the Contact of Malice scout rifle. However constructing one thing new out of the damaged items isn’t as thrilling as choosing up the wholly-intact property of your fallen foe and utilizing it to beat its ass once more the next week.

World of Warcraft has understood this thrill since its early years. Illidan Stormrage dropped his warglaives (a distinct form of glaive than Future) years earlier than the Demon Hunter class — which is impressed by Illidan and his weapons — entered the recreation. Garrosh Hellscream drops a model of his corrupted axe, Gorehowl, within the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. The performance behind a goopy purple axe with a bunch of eyeballs on it doesn’t truly matter. All gamers like me care about is the flexibility to embody the boss you’ve simply crushed the pulp out of.

Utilizing a boss weapon is the essence of the loot-game fantasy. It’s spectacular in these first few days, positive — and because the weapon ages, it serves as a reminder of not solely an accomplishment, however of an amazing battle. Every time I take advantage of Rhulk’s glaive, I take into consideration the Vow of the Disciple raid. Its neon glow already brings recollections to thoughts.

Taking a look at Future’s historical past, it’s straightforward to pinpoint some clear missed alternatives for evocative boss weapons: Oryx’s Taken sword, Atheon’s large gun, certainly one of Riven’s claws, and so on. However ruminating on what might’ve been isn’t as thrilling as imagining the following boss weapon that would find yourself in my fingers. Bungie has given gamers their first actual style of boss self-importance. As a Guardian, I’ve felled loads of gods in loads of raids, Strikes, and dungeons — however choosing up a boss’s weapon is the primary time I’ve ever felt like one myself.

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