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Flip Sifu into The Matrix with these 4 mods



Mar 20, 2022

I spent a few years in my teenagers watching and rewatching The Matrix, and after I wasn’t rewatching the movie I used to be downloading The Matrix mods for each early-00’s motion game. Possibly it is the brand new movie, or possibly it is simply the proper game so as to add Keanu Reeves to, however current kung fu brawler Sifu now has a cracking pack of Matrix mods that add Neo, Agent Smith, new battle sound results, and recolour the world inexperienced.

You’ll be able to see the mods in motion on this video by their creator:

It is really 4 particular person mods, all created by consumer Halfmillz. They’re Neo (The One Swimsuit Physics), which provides cybersaviour Neo and his flowy coat rather than Sifu’s getting older protagonist; Agent Smith To All Enemies, which replaces each enemy in Sifu with Agent Smith; The Matrix Fight Sound Results for movie-accurate whip and smack; and The Matrix reshade, which paints the display inexperienced.

Halfmillz additionally recommends a pair extra mods created by consumer KangieDanie to spherical out the expertise. These are the Matrix UI mod, which provides the film font to the game, and the not-strictly-Matrix-related Enemy Spawner, which ups the enemy rely and makes it doable to recreate the Burly Brawl. All of those hyperlinks go to Nexus Mods.

When all grouped collectively, these mods look nice. I’m nostalgic each for The Matrix films and for that period after I spent weeks taking part in Max Payne with the Kung Fu mod and Max’s mannequin swapped for Neo. (I’m not in any respect nostalgic for Path Of Neo or The Matrix On-line, no).

Even with out the mods, Sifu appears nice by itself, with Jai ending his overview by particularly requesting a Matrix spin-off. Properly, right here it’s.

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