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Find out how to unlock Roundtable Maintain and all NPCs at Roundtable Maintain



Mar 15, 2022

You can find Dung Eater on the Roundtable maintain while you’ve reached the Lyendell, Royal Capital. It’s important to speak to him, he’ll let you know about his curse. So, you’ve to seek out and produce him a Seedbed curse.

Find out how to full Dung Eater Questline

It’s important to go to the East Rampart Tower within the Lyendell, Royal Capital. You can find the seedbed curse close to the East Rampart Tower.

Where to find Seedbed Curse

It’s important to take the steps to the rooftops and make your approach to the rooftops. You want to head straight into the room and there may be an open door, head inside and go down the steps from the room. You will note a balcony in entrance of you leap down the balcony and go into the following constructing, while you enter there’s a ladder going as much as your proper aspect. You want to take the ladder to stand up after which there are stairs going up, stand up the steps and there’s a statue sitting on a chair. You want to decide up the merchandise from the statue. You’ll obtain the Seedbed curse.

Now, it is advisable to get again to Roundtable Maintain and speak to the dung eater. You want to give him the Seedbed Curse, He will provide you with the Sewer-Gaol key. It’s important to use this key in Lyendell Sewers to unlock the Dung Eater’s cell and discover his fundamental physique there.

Dung Eater in Sewers of Lyendell

It’s important to go to the Avenue Balcony within the Royal Capital. You want to head down from the Avenue balcony. There’s an archer there it is advisable to take a left and leap down from the Balcony. You can find a properly there. You want to descend into the properly with a purpose to get to the Sewers.

Hold transferring down and also you’ll Subterranean Shunning-Floor. Open the door with a room filled with rats and also you’ll attain a giant dungeon space. You want to get down the ladder and head straight till you discover an open grill that’s going to the sewers and it is advisable to leap down.
Head straight into the sewer path and there are few enemies you may go previous them with out combating and there’s a ladder on the finish. You want to climb up the ladder. You can find cells and it is advisable to go to the best cell and also you’ll discover Dung Eater proper in entrance of the cell leaning to a wall. You want to speak to him.

Now, get again to Dung Eater soul at Roundtable Maintain and will probably be not there however there will probably be a message so that you can battle the Dung Eater on the Outer Moat.

Find out how to get Sword of Milos

You want to go to the Outer wall Battlegrounds from the positioning of Grace there, it is advisable to go east and a bit down south till your attain a small lake space. That is the place it is advisable to go to battle with the Dung Eater Invader. It’s important to defeat the Dung Eater Invader and also you’ll obtain the Sword of Milos.

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