Farming Simulator 22: Buy, sell and process wheat into flour

How can you grow and harvest wheat in Farming Simulator 22? Can you buy the wheat and where can you sell the grain? These are questions that one or the other player of the new FS22 will surely ask early on in the game, because the wheat is needed, among other things, to care for the animals. In this article, we have created a short tutorial on how to plant and harvest the wheat yourself and how to sell the wheat and process it into flour.

Grow, harvest and sell wheat

When the field has been prepared, the wheat can easily be planted with a seed drill such as the Nordsten HK 25 + NS 3030. The seeds required for the wheat can be bought on pallets from dealers. To fill the seed drill with the seeds, you just have to stand next to it and start filling with the R button. You can then use the Z key to select the seed and switch to wheat.

To harvest the wheat, you need a combined harvester with a cutting unit and a tractor with a trailer that can be used to collect and transport the wheat. When harvesting wheat with the thresher, you also get straw, which you also need for keeping animals and which can be sprinkled in a stable. All vehicles required for wheat and grain cultivation or harvesting can be found at the dealer under the “Grain” package.

  • Selling Wheat: The harvested wheat can be sold at various points of sale. These include the Farmers Market in Goldcrest Valley or the grain mill. Even if the wheat brings some yield, the selling price is relatively low. For this reason, it is better to use the wheat for animal husbandry or to process it into flour in a grain mill.
  • Buy wheat: If you don’t want to grow the wheat yourself but need it for animal husbandry, you can also buy the wheat in big bags or on big bag pallets. For the 1,000 liters big bag you pay 1,400 euros at the retailer and for the 1,000-liter big bag pallet, you pay 1,500 euros.

Process wheat into flour

In Farming Simulator 22, wheat can be processed into flour in a similar way to other grains. In order to be able to produce flour from wheat, you need a flour mill, which you can either buy (if available on the map) or buy and place using the construction mode. From 5x wheat, you can produce 4x flour, which is then temporarily stored on pallets in front of the grain mill or distributed directly to the production facilities (depending on which output mode is set on the grain mill). The flour produced can then be delivered to the bakery and used to produce bread and cakes.

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