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EVE On-line begins testing adjustments to upwell construction defenses and ships, provides a function preview opt-in operate



Mar 24, 2022

Whereas EVE On-line is continuous to flap excitedly on the upcoming Fanfest occasion and all of its deliberate reveals, there are nonetheless changes to the area sandbox that CCP Video games desires to make forward of the occasion, that are outlined in two completely different dev blogs and obtainable to check proper now.

The bigger of the 2 posts outlines adjustments to the standup defensive options of upwell buildings, most of which fall on the nerf aspect of the spectrum, and adjustments to quite a lot of ships together with additional enhancements to the Rorqual, a variety of buffs to the Proteus, and adjustments to stealth bombers that make them higher at dropping bombs.

The submit additionally nods to a new function preview system that gamers can decide in to that lets them check out complicated techniques as they’re developed and supply suggestions. The primary function check that makes use of this new system is Photon UI that guarantees higher interplay suggestions, unified performance, and an up to date sci-fi look.

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