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Elden Ring Ring of Oath



Mar 18, 2022

Combing by means of Elden Ring is a journey with a ton of twists and turns. You’ll discover so many objects by means of your journey that you could be lose monitor of the place some have to go. There are keys and instruments all throughout the Lands Between that you simply’ll want to assemble for some endings. The Ring of Oath, or the Darkish Moon Ring, is required for one of many endings of Elden Ring. It is likely one of the most essential objects of the game… Nevertheless, additionally it is extremely annoying to get! We’ll assist information you thru all the steps wanted to search out this key merchandise so you will get your quest achieved proper!

MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING! This information goes over a number of plot components in Elden Ring. Please learn with discretion.

The place to Discover the Ring of Oath (Darkish Moon Ring)

Elden Ring Ring of Oath Darkmoon Ring

The Darkish Moon Ring, or Ring of Oath, is positioned in Rennala’s Chambers by the Raya Lucaria Grand Library web site of grace. With a view to open this chest, you need to collect the Discarded Palace Key. This secret is a part of Princess Ranni’s questline, and you need to almost full the questline earlier than gaining access to this merchandise. This merchandise can also be wanted to finish the questline.

So, if you happen to haven’t gotten so far within the questline, we will help you catch up!

Ranni the Witch’s Questline

With a view to start Ranni’s questline, you need to first beat Royal Knight Loretta, the ultimate boss of Caria Manor. It will permit you to entry the Northwestern aspect of Liurnia of the Lakes. After Caria Manor, head northwest till you attain a tower guarded by a dragon and two canines. In that tower is Ranni, who will begin your quest by telling you about Nokron. Speak to her servants and her to start her quest.


  • Speak to Blaidd by getting into the Siofra River space, accessable by means of japanese Mistwood close to the Minor Erdtree. The knight himself might be close to a bridge on the japanese aspect of the valley. Speak to him.
  • Return to Precepter Selvius at Selvius’s Rise, which is south of Ranni’s Rise. Speak to him.
  • Discover Sorceress Sellen. She is within the Waypoint Ruins, on the east aspect of Limgrave, simply west of Mistwood. Speak to her.
  • You could defeat Radahn to proceed from right here. Radahn is a mid-to-late game boss positioned within the South East of Caelid, in Redmane Fortress. Defeating him will open an entrance to Nokron, the Everlasting Metropolis in Mistwood. Nokron can also be residence to the Mimic Tear summon merchandise.
  • Head by means of Nokron and get the Fingerslayer Blade. Give it to Ranni at her Rise.
  • Use the Carian Inverted Statue on the Carian Research Corridor in japanese Liurnia of the Lakes. It will flip the corridor right into a dungeon. Clear the dungeon and acquire the Cursemark of Loss of life on Ranni’s physique.
  • Head to Renna’s Rise, east of Ranni’s Rise. Head by means of the highest to teleport to the Ainsel River Fundamental. As soon as right here, loot close by objects to acquire a Miniature Ranni. Speak to the doll a number of instances to speak to Ranni.
  • Clear Nokstella, the Everlasting Metropolis. As soon as cleared, you’re going to get the Discarded Palace Key.

Acquiring the Darkish Moon Ring

Elden Ring Ring of Oath Darkmoon Ring

The Ring itself is present in a chest in Rennala’s chambers. Upon getting the Discarded Palace Key, simply pop that sucker open! The Darkish Moon Ring is only a key merchandise, and affords no statistical profit. This isn’t a reward for the search.

Head again to the Lake of Rot within the Ainsel River, particularly going to the Grand Cloister within the Southwest. Head into the coffin and defeat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. It will carry you to the Moonlight Altar – combating Glintstone Dragon Adula is optionally available, however provides you a brand new dragon incantation on the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Caelid.

Lastly, you could head to Ranni’s physique. Use the merchandise to free her to get the Darkish Moon Greatsword and a brand new ending choice.

As soon as the search is full, make sure you head again to Ranni’s Rise. There you’ll be able to battle Blaidd to achieve the Royal Greatsword and his armor set. The weapon artwork is robust.

You may also discover the Snow Witch Set in a chest on the higher flooring of Renna’s Rise as soon as the search is accomplished. That set boosts ice sorceries.

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