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Elden Ring Iron Fist Alexander Questline



Mar 24, 2022

Are you able to be a real Pot Warrior? We hope so! Alexander the Iron Fist might be one of many strangest characters you’ll encounter in Elden Ring. And he’s completely implausible! This buff pot is among the kindest souls anyplace within the Lands Between, and it’s effectively price going via his character arc. So, let’s speak about Alexander the Iron Fist and do his quest collectively!

Learn how to Full the Alexander Questline in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Iron Fist Alexander Questline

You’ll be able to start the Iron Fist Alexander questline by discovering him caught in Northern Stormhill. Merely observe the highway west of the river and north of the Agheel Lake North Website of Grace. You’ll have to whack Alexander out of the bottom so he can discuss to you and start the hunt. He’ll reward you with some Exalted Flesh in your troubles.

Persevering with the Quest

Subsequent, you’ll want to seek out him within the rear Gael Tunnel. That is discovered on the border between Caelid and Limgrave, east of the place he first received caught. Search for the mineshaft-like cave door present in a ravine simply earlier than the realm transitions to Caelid’s pink tint. He’s caught behind this door, and needs to maneuver on so he can go to the Fight Pageant.

This may unlock the Gael Tunnel Website of Grace to the east. Clearing that dungeon will allow you to open this door, which Alexander will thanks for. You solely must open the door from the opposite facet of Gael Tunnel; you do not must defeat the Magma Worm boss to proceed Alexander’s quest. Nonetheless, defeating it does reward you with a Somber Bell Bearing (1), which helps you to buy low-level Somber Stones from the Twin Maiden Husks. Extremely really useful.

Redmane Fort

After you’ve cleared the way in which via Gael Tunnel, he’s at Redmane Fort’s plaza. There are two methods into the citadel. Should you received there early through teleporting from Fort Gael, you’ll have to defeat the Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight combo. He’s ready for the pageant to begin alongside another NPCs within the plaza.

Alternatively, you possibly can progress Ranni’s quest or acquire each halves of the Dectus Medallion halves and use the Grand Raise of Dectus. This may trigger Blaidd to kill most enemies and the boss. Nonetheless, it should lock you out with loot till you defeat Radahn.

You’ll additionally be capable to summon Alexander throughout your battle with Radahn. Even in case you don’t, he can be discovered scavenging the land afterwards, proper subsequent to Starscourge Radahn’s Website of Grace.

Should you took the Blaidd route and wish loot after the battle, go and converse with Blaidd. You’ll then have to move to the Chamber Outdoors The Plaza grace, converse with the Castellan on the chapel, and relaxation on the grace fairly a number of instances. This could respawn the enemies and unlock doorways.


Head south of the Carian Examine Corridor from the Artist’s Shack Website of Grace. As soon as once more, you’ll want to assist free Alexander. This time, use an Oil Pot to assist set him free.

Afterwards, he can be close to the Seethewater Terminous Website of Grace, at a lava lake in Mt. Gelmir. He’s sitting behind a Magma Worm. You’ll be able to kill the worm, or discuss with him fastidiously by navigating the rocks of the Magma Lake.

You’ll be able to summon him to battle the Fireplace Big within the Mountaintops of the Giants on the finish of that dungeon. It’s essential to take the northern chain to take action. Take be aware that this summon shouldn’t be required to proceed his questline.

Lastly, he’ll head off to the Crumbling Farum. Head to the Dragon Temple Raise grace by utilizing two Stonesword Keys close to the Dragon Temple Transept grace. Head via this space by sprinting previous the plaza, heading up the jap flight of stairs. Parkour over the sq. archways to the left till you attain a flat space. Climb throughout the fallen towers to seek out Iron Fist Alexander ready on an area. He’ll request to do battle. Defeating him rewards you with Alexander’s Innards and a Shard of Alexander. The Shard boosts Weapon Talent harm. The innards…


Elden Ring Alexander Quest Jarburg

The Jarburg portion of Alexander’s quest is subsequent. Jarburg is somewhat hamlet situated close to the Cairn Examine corridor. Head south of the Artist Shack till you’re simply previous the Tower and look down the cliff. Parkour down the graves and also you’ll attain Jarburg. These jars are pleasant, so be happy to choose the uncommon crafting supplies that develop there.

The Jar of the hour is Jar-Bairn, somewhat jar that sits on a staircase. Speak to him and exhaust his dialogue. Then, sit on the Website of Grace and discuss to him once more. Repeat this another time. Additionally, congratulations in your promotion to Potentate.

Now, earlier than we proceed… There’s one other questline now we have to finish!

Knight Diallos Questline

Elden Ring Diallos

With a view to full Alexander’s questline, we should additionally full the Knight Diallos questline. First, exhaust the knight’s dialogue on the Roundtable. He’ll then be discovered north of the Academy Gate City’s bonfire, on prime of a constructing, along with his attendant completely destroyed in entrance of him. Speak with him and he’ll speak about how he needs to get revenge on the Volcano Manor.

You’ll subsequent discover him on the Volcano Manor. He’ll specific that he needs to help them. You might advance his quest both by finishing the Volcano Manor questline, or by defeating Rykard.

After he disappears, he can be present in Jarburg, tending to somewhat jar. You might have to move a while on the Jarburg Website of Grace for him to spawn right here.

Ending Up

The Alexander questline is quickly to attract to an in depth. Speak with him and Jar Bairn till their dialogue is exhausted. Then, relaxation on the grace. Jar Bairn ought to have moved to Diallos. Exhaust some dialogue, then as soon as once more, spend a while on the Grace close by.

If Diallos is gone and changed with gadgets, you’re on the ending level. Looting his corpse will provide you with his Masks, Hoslow’s Petal Whip, and a Numen’s Rune.

Jar Bairn ought to have moved, and it is possible for you to to speak with him. He lastly feels prepared to simply accept Alexander’s Innards. Give him the innards. Then, reload the realm one remaining time. He can be gone, however he can have left behind an merchandise. Take the Companion Jar from the place he left to lastly full the hunt.

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