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Elden Ring Group Shocked by New Faux Wall Revelation



Mar 18, 2022

Nicely, effectively, effectively. Elden Ring, you’ll be able to’t do that to us! Faux, illusory partitions have been a staple of FromSoftware titles since 2009’s Demon’s Souls, hiding bonus gadgets and weapons behind seemingly steady surfaces it’s good to hit with a purpose to have them soften away. It is solely ever taken one assault to make them disappear, however this new Elden Ring revelation might flip the mechanic on its head. That’s if it is not a glitch.

As detailed within the Twitter video beneath, it has been found there’s yet one more illusory wall in Volcano Manor. The realm is already packed filled with them, however this new one requires a little bit greater than only a swing of your sword to disclose. In actual fact, it requires loads of swings. Precisely 10 seconds price of hits in a video that is been sped up!

Now, the fascinating factor right here is that the wall does not act like another regular illusory one. Apart from the actual fact it takes an absurd quantity of hits to vanish, in fact. There is no trace of the conventional audio cue to verify it is a pretend wall, and the bricks actually simply disappear from the body abruptly. Additionally, the wall reappears after resting at a Web site of Grace. With this in thoughts, there’s undoubtedly a risk that is only a glitch.

However what if it is not? Have all these messages attempting to troll us really been actual this complete time? Are we going to should go round attacking each wall within the game for 30 seconds now? Let’s hope, for all our personal sanity, that is merely a bug. Ain’t no one bought time for that! Hopefully, this is not a brand new article now we have so as to add to our Elden Ring information within the close to future.

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