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Elden Ring Albinauric Protect | Get – Information Fall



Mar 24, 2022

When selecting your defensive choices in Elden Ring, you have to be fairly specific. Foes hit extraordinarily onerous within the late sport, so that you’re going to need one thing that protects you as a lot as doable. Take into account the Albinauric Protect, an extremely highly effective protect with excessive bodily, magic, hearth, and holy injury negation. It’s arguably the most effective all-around medium protect – aside from for Hearth – within the sport. Sadly, this isn’t the simplest protect to get, because you’ll must go farming. We’ll educate you the way to get it pretty shortly.

Get the Albinauric Protect in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Albinauric Shield map location

The Albinauric Protect is a drop from the unusual amphibian enemies referred to as Albinaurics across the ruins of Raya Lucaria. The perfect farming spot that we’ve discovered is simply northwest of the Academy Gate City’s Web site of Grace, the place you possibly can battle two protect warriors on a roof. You may as well farm the enemies within the Temple Quarter, although that encounter is a little more harmful.

You may farm this protect from any of the frog-like bipeds wandering round Raya Lucaria. Nonetheless, the spot we’ve marked has a really constant spawn – not a patrolling one – and means that you can kill two and teleport again to reset their positions.

Take notice that these enemies solely drop the protect if they’re at the moment wielding one. The others close by wielding picket shields gained’t drop the Albinauric Protect. Be sure you search for the enemies with steel shields. Whereas farming for the drop you need, you might also discover their very primary golf equipment and Albinauric Bloodclots.

Bear in mind, this protect is pretty uncommon drop. Chances are you’ll need to enhance your Arcane and use a Silver Foot merchandise to enhance your possibilities for it to seem. In any other case, you could wind up farming them repeatedly as many as 40 or 50 occasions, as we did.

The Albinauric Protect affords 100% bodily injury negation, and among the many finest magic injury negation stats for medium shields. That’s not all, although! It additionally affords near 50% Hearth and Holy Resistance, although solely 23% Lightning resistance. Usually talking, it has roughly common Guard Increase for a protect at this stage.

Nonetheless, the most effective half about this protect is that it’s generic. Which means you should use Ashes of Conflict to enhance it. You aren’t locked into any specific talent, so go wild. Plus, mixed with the best Ash, you possibly can improve its elemental resistances far past these of different medium shields, even different late-game mediums just like the Silver Mirrorshield.

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