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Core Keeper Tin Ore: The place to seek out it



Mar 15, 2022

Core Keeper tin ore is a crucial step towards crafting weapons and instruments stronger than copper, together with your first ranged weapon, the slingshot, and extra sturdy bronze armor. Should you’ve began exploring the beginning biome in Core Keeper, you’ve got found loads of copper deposits, and utilizing a smelter, workbench, and anvil, you’ve got been in a position to craft some first rate weapons, armor, and instruments. However when you’re seeking to improve your Core Keeper arsenal with tin, you are going to need to do some main tunneling into a completely new biome to seek out it. 

Tin weapons and instruments may not sound like a serious improve, however I like to recommend a minimum of having a tin sword earlier than you tackle Core Keeper’s first boss, Glurch the Abominous Mass. Spike traps additionally change into out there as soon as you’ve got began tin crafting, which could be helpful towards the game’s second boss, Ghorm the Devourer. 

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