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Core Keeper boss information | PC {Gamer}



Mar 18, 2022

Core Keeper bosses are the hardest problem within the new Early Entry co-op survival sandbox. For a tiny pixelated adventurer, bosses can pose a significant menace, however with the best preparation and some successful methods you can overcome them and use their gems to energy up the Core.

The primary three bosses you may face in Core Keeper are Glurch the Abominous Mass, a large orange slime that spawns near the beginning space, Ghorm the Devourer, a large insect that makes use of the underworld as its personal personal race observe, and The Hive Mom, a fleshy, acid-spitting nightmare surrounded by robust natural partitions. There’s additionally a fourth boss, Azeos the Sky Titan, which may solely be discovered and crushed as soon as you’ve got defeated the primary three and activated the Core.

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