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Combat the Woof and Meow Commanders for cute onesies in ArcheAge’s newest occasion



Mar 20, 2022

There’s a risk looming on the planet of ArcheAge, its identify placing terror deep into the hearts of those that have the misfortune of beholding it. Gird your self as we share evil’s true identify – a pair of foes that can chill the blood and shake the core of confidence:

The Woof Commander and Meow Commander.

These are the foes which might be the focus of the Livid Pet Establishment occasion, the place gamers can take up a every day quests to defeat both Woof Brokers or Meow Brokers 3 times or battle the Woof Commander and Meow Commander. Finishing these quests present rewards like Manastorm Crystals, a potion crate, and within the case of the Commander fights, the chance to get both a Pet Onesie or a Kitty Onesie if the cube rolls go your method – each of that are mantles really match for the best of heroes.

The occasion runs between March 17th and March 31st, with particular spawn occasions and summoning necessities for the Commanders in query, so those that are degree 50 and want to tackle this really intense problem will wish to scour the small print. And simply be glad they’re not NFTs.


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