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Chinese language customs arrests man dubbed the ‘strolling CPU’ for smuggling 160 CPUs taped to his physique



Mar 15, 2022

Chinese language customs brokers stopped a person final week who was making an attempt to smuggle in 160 CPUs and 16 cellphones strapped to his physique through duct tape (thanks videocardz). China’s customs brokers are apparently on a little bit of a PC half sizzling streak, as this information comes after brokers intercepted practically 6,000 GPUs being smuggled into the nation. That load was valued at properly over $three million. 

The CPUs the person taped to himself have been principally Intel 11th and 12th Gen Core chips. Authorities declare his strolling posture regarded “irregular” after getting into the no declaration channel on the Gongbei Port, which gave him away. 

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