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A new secret experience button has been discovered in one of the levels of the creative mode of Fortnite chapter 3 with which you will be able to raise your level of the battle pass very quickly.

Since the beginning of Fortnite chapter 3, a multitude of tricks have been discovered to gain experience very quickly, mainly with the creative mode, where through different secret experience buttons some type of bug is unlocked through which we add points of virtually unlimited experience.

This is especially useful for players who do not have a lot of time to upgrade their Battle Pass level, and who can use these procedures to gain experience very quickly.

Now a new button has been discovered on one of the Creative Mode maps that you will be able to exploit to earn thousands and thousands of experience points in just a few minutes.

New infinite PE cheat for Fortnite Chapter 3 season 1 with which you will level up very quickly

It should be clarified that at the time of writing this news the trick continues to work, but depending on when you read it, it is likely that it has already been changed by the developer.

Be that as it may, to unlock this experience glitch, you must enter creative mode and enter the following map code:

code fortnite

4074-7541-0888? V = 19

If you have done it correctly, the map called “Red vs Blue” should appear.

Once the map has been loaded, the relevant level begins. As soon as you have started the level, what we have to do is go to the arena area, which is the great room, and go to one of the corners at the top.

Specifically, the corner where the secret experience button is located in the upper right part of the level, and you can guide yourself through the minimap to reach it.

Once you’ve reached this area you should see an experienced button hidden right in the corner at the top.

When you press it, you will be transferred to a room with the relevant creator support button, but where you should press the “secret experience” button that is visible as a switch on the wall.

Once you press the secret experience button, which you can do on several occasions, you will see that, superimposed on the screen, you will be adding experience points indefinitely.

Now basically what you have to do is wait and so you can have a good time, and restart the level if you notice that no more points are added to you.

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